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Calling all members of the Nightbreed Order!

Join us for an exclusive one-night event in PHAGEBORN, crafted especially for you. Tonight, starting at 7pm BST, immerse yourself in thrilling battles and exhilarating gameplay as you compete for the chance to win an incredible prize: the Elgato Stream Deck MK.2 – Studio Controller!

See you in the battleground!


  • competition name
  • game name
  • Competition Period – Starting/ending time
  • Prize
  • how to enrol and access e.g. link to google form + “”By submitting the form (with correct information) you are confirmed as a competitor in the Competition. “
  • who it’s open to e.g. “
  • “There is no limit on number of entries, nor is there any eligibility requirements or assessment.” (OR if there limits/requirements, then put that instead)
  • what info you have to provide to enrol e.g. “Steam Name (or Steam ID), In Game Name or ID, Confirmation that you will stream your entry, Your contact information (Email & Discord ID)”
  • who the winner(s) will be i.e. how you win e.g. “The Winner will be the streamer who gains the most amount of game wins in 1v1 multiplayer matches during the competition period, where the gameplay in question was streamed.”
  • any restrictions or requirements eg. AGE and/or “Only 1v1 multiplayer matches are included in the Competition.”
  • Game specific privacy policy link AND competition generic T&Cs