In the mystical realm of Issilith, the land was guarded by its own enigmatic protectors, the legendary Witches of Vestige, whose ageless existence was the stuff of legends. These formidable beings had long remained in a dormant slumber, biding their time as the world flourished.

However, an ominous presence has arrived awakening the witches from their long slumbers. This sinister force heralded a cataclysmic change that cast a shadow over the land of Issilith. From the once-vibrant Vast Marsh to the ominous Cursed Woods a malevolent corruption now crept across Solgard, distorting the very essence of Issilith’s natural laws and energies.

As a result, the pure and benevolent magic that the Witches of Vestige had harnessed for centuries began to take a darker turn. The very nature they were sworn to protect became tainted, and the Vestige, once synonymous with healing and benevolence, shifted their focus towards political intrigue and the art of poisoncraft. Even the teeming flora and fauna, which had once embodied the beauty of Issilith, had devolved into terrifying abominations.

Amidst the chaos and tumultuous power struggles and political machinations within the factions of Vestige, one entity remained untainted—the Bratuscula, the Eternal Tree. This ancient and colossal tree held the key to the immortality of the witches. Its existence was paramount, for should it ever fall, their cycle of rebirth would be irrevocably shattered.

One extraordinary figure stood out in this tumultuous landscape—Saffron, the Sentinel. This colossal, seemingly unstoppable monster native to the Vast Marsh was thought to be impervious to any force. But it was the beguiling magic of Lucille, the former Queen of the Vestige, that had charmed and tamed the mighty creature, soothing it with her enchantments. Now, Saffron served the witches without question, a formidable guardian in these perilous times.

In the face of this profound shift in the Vestige faction, a select few sought to harness the transformed powers of nature and unlock the secrets of their newfound poisons. These individuals, once healers, now found themselves walking the fine line between protecting their realm and embracing the darkness that had seeped into their world. The Vestige faction, once a beacon of hope and light, had become a complex and morally ambiguous realm, where power, politics, and poison intertwined.