Dear Denizens of Issilith,

“If you’re facing a lone Grarg, rest assured that it is just the one the rest of the pack wants you to see.”

Deep within the treacherous depths of the Great Grotto, a formidable creature known as Grarg Howler prowls. These majestic beings, reminiscent of wild wolves, roam the vast network of caves that riddle the canyon range. Residing in the shallower caverns, they have adapted to the dark and hazardous environment, their eyes gleaming with an otherworldly luminescence. The Great Grotto’s treacherous terrain has moulded them into resilient predators, as reflected in their thick, armoured hide that provides protection against the perils that lurk within. With a pack mentality ingrained in their nature, Grarg Howler exemplifies unity and strength, relying on their primal instincts and unmatched ferocity to overcome any challenge. As guardians of the Great Grotto, they embody the untamed spirit of the canyon, embodying both its beauty and its inherent dangers.

The Grarg Howler emerges as a fearsome predator. With a power of 3 and a durable health of 2, this creature commands respect on the battleground. Known for their pack mentality and unwavering loyalty, the Grarg Howler thrives in the company of its kin. When summoned onto the field, it unleashes a call that echoes through the depths, beckoning another Grarg Howler from your deck to join your hand. United in purpose and strength, these hard to tame creatures unleash their combined might, potentially turning the tide of battle in your favour.

Harness the power of the Grarg Howler and witness the true strength of the pack. Share your favourites and if you haven’t already, join our Discord channel and exchange your favourites with other Residents of Issilith!

Yours truly,