Dear Denizens of Issilith!

“A blade of an enemy, a face of a friend.”

Oblivions are known for evolving into new shapes and forms, this powerful mis-evolved Metamorph takes it to the extreme taking the full form of another.

In the dark and twisted Void where Oblivions reign supreme, there are creatures born from the darkest corners of the mind. Among these twisted beings is the Metamorph, a creature that has the unique ability to replicate the physical form of another without acquiring any of its memories or abilities. Although it’s not ideal for infiltration, this ability makes the Metamorph a valuable weapon in psychological warfare. The copy it creates is not perfect, but in the heat of battle, it’s hard to differentiate from the original. While the Metamorph’s ability to copy is limited, it becomes far more effective when a Prime is nearby. Beware the power of the Metamorph, for it is a creature that thrives on the chaos of war.