Dear Denizens of Issilith,

“Zyxls are known to strand their own ships when they don’t feel like setting up camp.”

Deep within the shadows, the Zyxl Hideout looms as a testament to thievery, piracy, and daring exploits. These vile and surprisingly cunning creatures, once the wealthiest race in all of Issilith, fell from grace when their gold was stolen and used as catalysts for unimaginable magic. Stripped of their wealth and driven by an insatiable hunger for redemption, the Zyxl now seek to reclaim their lost riches. Within the confines of their hideout, a mighty ship, they hatch audacious plans, plotting daring raids, and defying all odds in their quest to restore their former glory. With their competitive nature and unwavering determination, the Zyxl Hideout becomes a symbol of defiance and an embodiment of their relentless pursuit to reclaim their fortune.

With no power of its own to directly engage in combat and a sturdy health of 3, the Hideout stands as a resilient stronghold, firmly anchored in the battleground, unable to attack or relocate. However, its strategic significance lies in its ability to deploy Hideout Scouts at the end of each turn. These scouts, with their modest yet agile stats of 1 power, 1 health, and 1 cost, venture forth to explore and dominate for their Zyxl brethren, embodying the relentless pursuit of riches and territorial dominance. In their quest for fortune and glory, the Zyxl Hideout becomes an integral part of any strategy.

Join the mighty and ragtag crew of the Zyxl’s and plunder your way to victory! Share your favourites and if you haven’t already, join our Discord channel and exchange your favourites with other Residents of Issilith!

Yours truly,