Dear Denizens of Issilith!
In all of Issilith, The Drakkorith Empire can easily be called the mightiest of them all. Drakkoriths are a race that values physical strength and martial prowess above all else, but they don’t neglect their spiritual side. The Dragon-God Trinity, (Harigazz, Reva, and Versilion,) are offered veneration from their worshippers whose innate Drakkorith power and adamant will are strengthened in exchange. However, their culture mostly revolves around substantial and tangible things. That is why they are not too keen on using magic, even though they sometimes dabble with fire magic, Wildflame mostly. They are disciplined, honourable, loyal, and willing to lay their life down when needed to protect the Drakkorith heritage. 
These characteristics are also apparent in the way the Drakkorith faction is played. Recognizable mechanics for them are buffing units, synergies with leadership, and special attacks.
General Tyros, Hand of the King
 “He is called by many names while folk recount his victories, but seeing him on the field of battle leaves both his allies and his foes mute with awe more often than not.”
 The Drakkorith army is notorious for its well-renowned generals. But the most legendary of them all is definitely General Tyros. Many times his superior tactics were the difference between victory and defeat. On one of those occasions, when the enemy was known for its almost impenetrable front lines, Tyros introduced the concept of organized ostodon charges, utilizing the strength and agility of these beasts to trample the enemy’s frontline and turn the tides to his advantage. This strategic mastermind developed a multitude of effective battle tactics, many of which were integrated into military training and are frequently used by the Drakkorith. You won’t find him commanding his army from behind the lines. No, he is always in the front row with his comrades, motivating them and giving them advice on how to best handle certain tricky situations.
General Tyros is portrayed by a legendary card costing 4 essence. His stats are set at 3 power and 4 health, but this General also has a very special effect. Every time General Tyros changes zone, units adjacent to him gain +2 power and juggernaut mod (juggernaut unit deals excess damage to the enemy Core when attacking). That means you can effectively buff up to 2 units every turn, and this effect can stack (juggernaut mod can only be applied once). Just make sure to position him in between cards you wish to buff.
Ashbringer Templar
“Woe be to those who stand in his way, for ash is always preceded by incineration.”
After the first charge breaks down the enemy’s formation, it is time for the Cinderith legion to shine. Ashbringer Templars are the heavy infantry of this elite squad. Ferociously charging on their enemies, they disrupt their still-standing defenses and thoroughly wipe out enemy forces. Even though their heavy armor makes them somewhat slower than your average light-footed unit, Ashbringer Templar are deadly and can easily shear off any limb. At least the wounds will be instantly cauterized so they don’t need to worry about bloodstains on their armor.
Ashbringer Templar is a 3 power, 6 health unit that gains +3 power at the end of your turn, effectively becoming a 6/6 for 7 essence on the end of turn he is played. You generally want to keep this devoted unit in play for as long as possible for some impressive damage. 
Seismic Shock
“What’s the matter, whelp? Lost your balance?” – Basson
Even though most of the Drakkoriths aren’t inclined to the use of magic in the traditional sense, you can often see them on the battlefield being fueled and empowered by combat. When using these enhanced abilities, for which some believe are the gift of gods, they amplify their natural skills and use them to put their enemies in an inferior position or simply to deliver the killing blow. One of these skills is Seismic shock. Drakkorith soldiers can slam the ground in such a way they send focused shockwaves to unbalance their enemies, opening their defenses and leaving them vulnerable to attacks.
Seismic shock is a 4 energy cost ability card that is best used on powerful units. For maximum value play it on your turn while having units on your side of the board ready to push into an enemy that can’t hit back. 
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