Dear Denizens of Issilith,

An update for you all regarding our weekly update posts, we are moving these from Mondays to Thursdays in line with our future plans for the development of the game. So please don’t panic when the post on Mondays are missing!

We’re excited to announce our next big update and the very first free Battle Pass called the Genesis Pass, available in-game from 11am BST 05/05. The Genesis Pass Shop is packed with tons of exciting items, including XP boosts, Avatar skins, and boxes all unlockable with some new in-game currencies. This update will be available from 11 am BST 05/05/23.

Check out our new Battle Pass Quests, completing these quests advances you along the Battle Pass earning you more Phagetokens!

So what’s available? First up is the Boost, an XP booster that increases the XP earned from every match by 20% for a set amount of time, which activates immediately upon purchase. Next, we have the Box, which contains one random item from a variety of customizations and rewards such as a profile icon, profile frame, foiler or premium currency. A final item available will be Foiler Bundles that give you Brightstones, which can be used to unlock special card effects.

But that’s not all! We’re also introducing new Avatar skins with the Genesis Pass. Players can look forward to earning their way to the new Saffron White skin you purchase in the Battle Pass Shop for 1000 Phagetokens.

As for the new currencies, we have Phagetokens, your Battle Pass currency, which can be earned by playing matches, completing Battle Pass quests, and can be spent in the Battle Pass shop to unlock items. There’s also Brightstone, which can be used to unlock alternate styles for cards in your collection. And finally, there’s Fatestones, the premium currency (coming soon), which can be used to purchase premium items.

We have also worked on refining the 3D Avatar textures in conjunction with the Genesis Pass. As part of this effort, we have updated the appearance of several Avatars. Check out the changes to Lyxia and Tyberiuth.

Lyxia new look:

Tyberiuth new look:

Last but not least, we’re proud to present the new Main Menu/UI look. We’ve put a lot of effort into making it visually stunning and user-friendly.

So what are you waiting for? Hop into the game, play matches, complete quests, and earn Phagetokens to unlock all the awesome items in the Genesis Pass.

Good luck and have fun!

Yours Truly,


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