PHAGEBORN: Online Card Game


On the 16th August 2022, Jetpack Collective announced their first game, PHAGEBORN: Online Card Game from Croatian-based developer, Games Revolted. PHAGEBORN is an innovative, free-to-play, deck-building game that adds a new dimension to strategic play. The power to control is in your hands!

Dual Lane Tactics:

Use your essence to summon your units onto the map, and energy to use skills and powers through your Avatar. But beware, your tactics will amount to nothing if you fail to choose the right lane.

Powerful Avatars:

Each turn you get to choose how your upgrade your Avatar, add more Leadership, Energy or choose to Overcharge in order to unlock more powerful actions

Embrace your Faction:

Choose your faction wisely as it will unlock different playing styles and challenges. In PHAGEBORN your decisions matter and it takes skill to win. Summon your legion! Destroy your opposition! Lead your horde to victory!


Current Event

Conqueror’s Dawn

Starting January 11th, 2024 Unleash your inner Drakkorith warrior in the Conqueror’s Dawn event. The glory of victory awaits those who dare to face their rivals on the battlefield. Rise to power, prove your might and become the undisputed ruler of the realm as you unlock exclusive seasonal rewards. Are you ready to rise to the challenge and become a legend?

Past Events

Rise of the Ascended

From 30th November 2023, Step into a world where legends are born and destiny is forged in the fires of battle. Rise of the Ascended beckons you to join the ranks of an awe-inspiring faction; venture onto the battlefield where heroes are made and legends rise, and reap exclusive rewards available for this event only. The battlefield is your canvas, and victory is your masterpiece. Are you prepared to ascend to greatness?

Witching Hour of the Vestige

From October 26, 2023, experience the Witching Hour of the Vestige! Immerse yourself in the mystic energies of the Vestige and embark on a captivating adventure. Unleash your strategic prowess as you assemble your deck of formidable creatures to unlock exclusive rewards. Will you seize this opportunity and etch your name into the annals of Issilith’s history?

Invasion of the Oblivion

Starting on September 21st, 2023, brace yourself for an extraordinary odyssey into the enigmatic realm of Issilith with the Invasion of the Oblivion Event! Assemble your deck with powerful otherworldly beings and immerse yourself in the mysterious and formidable Oblivion faction. Prove your mettle by conquering quests to earn experience points and unlock exclusive rewards available only for this month, including unique skins, foilers, zyxl horde crates, and the prestigious Avatar of the month! Are you ready to shape the fate of Oblivion?



Logos & Icons

About Games Revolted

Games Revolted is an indie game development studio based in Zagreb, Croatia.
Just like our game characters, our high-powered team members go up against all kinds of evil, combining experiences in different fields – all in order to deliver our first game – PHAGEBORN: Online Card Game.
The team was assembled in August 2015. It all started with a few friends who were meeting up at bars trying to expand that very idea to something greater.