I will make this communication brief, lest a fellow assassin stumble upon me so distracted in thought during our telepathic communion.

Does Commander Hazzerin send further word regarding our plot? I understand his need for surety when it comes to attacking the Overminds themselves, but, as you can imagine, one who has dedicated their life to such a deadly craft has a limit when it comes to watching and waiting without drastic action.
Living within this world, where our every movement is connected to our antagonists within a maze of string, and tendrils, and consciousness… I can’t help but fear that any moment our secrets will catch on a trip wire, and the Overminds will have us in their grip before our coup has even begun to hatch. In my mind, I imagine that the scent of prey is slathered upon me and at any moment I shall be hunted. Some other creatures shall consume my very essence and take it for themselves, evolving from what was once mine, and taking all my knowledge of our order with them.

You may laugh all you like, call my anxiety and fear foolish, yet you cannot change the existence of these emotions. How can you when such powerful beings roam alongside us, their eyes itching to seek me and my deception out? I witness the Primes and can’t help but think of how they could use their endless power to pry any information they wished out of me should they catch a whiff in the air. I beg on Commander Hazzerin to make haste. I do not doubt him. I do not doubt our goal of mutiny. Yet, I doubt. I suppose I doubt myself. I doubt the future of Oblivion.

I beg that you do not mishear my words. I gladly sacrifice myself to the cause. I’ve felt the need for this rebellion since the day I severed my connection to the hive mind. Though I’ve dedicated my work to eliminating threats to the Overminds, I have felt a threat building within myself. I wish to end their rule just as you do. Just as Hazzerin does. Just as the rest of our secret order does. My strength remains in spite of this approaching dread, and it shall not wither. I am under Hazzerin’s command until the end; I swear it upon Oblivion itself. No matter the costs that may lie in the way. My only hope is that those costs may be as few as possible.