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Unleash the unstoppable might of the Grotto Trampler, a fearsome creature born from the treacherous depths of the Great Grotto.

TEAM MEMBER: Steph Field (Production Assistant)

FAVOURITE CARD: Grotto Trampler

“Even though they’re feral beasts, they still understand strength.” – Rathleus, Drakkorith biologist”

Within the depths of the Great Grotto, the Grotto Trampler reigns as a formidable force. Adapted to a life in the dark, this creature is mostly blind in daylight, relying on its keen senses to navigate the treacherous underground terrain. Encountered in the perilous realm of the Grotto Reaches, the Grotto Trampler eludes conventional methods of taming. However, with the right approach, it can be lured to the surface, becoming a controlled force of destruction. The true mastery lies in exceptional coordination and leadership, as only those with unwavering control can unleash the full potential of the trampler. The prowess of the trampler directly correlates with the quality of its leadership, as a skilled leader can guide this fearsome creature to unleash devastating attacks upon their foes. Harness the power of the Grotto Trampler, but beware, for its true might is realised under the guidance of extraordinary leadership.

The Grotto Trampler, a fearsome presence lurking in the depths of the Great Grotto, embodies unmatched power and unwavering resilience. While its initial power stands at 0, its formidable health of 6 instils terror in the hearts of adversaries. However, the true might of this creature is unleashed through exceptional coordination and resolute leadership. With each point of leadership you possess, the Grotto Trampler grows stronger, its power intensifying to match your commanding presence. As a formidable juggernaut, this creature can turn the tide of battle with its raw might. Available at a cost of 6, the Grotto Trampler stands as an indomitable force, securing your dominance on the battleground

WHY: When the Grotto Trampler is unleashed onto the battlefield, its power is in direct proportion to your leadership, and not only that but with its juggernaut mod it inflicts any excess damage upon the enemies core. For those who prioritise leadership in their deck, this card proves to be an unstoppable force.

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