Dear Denizens of Issilith!

Drakkoriths are a pretty straightforward faction in terms of mechanics, and their playstyle is usually appropriate for most players. And since Drakkorith units are often beefy and with very cool effects or devastating mods, it’s not such a surprise that Drakkorith cards are often players’ favourites.


Jasmin Daniel Saračević (3D Artist)


Phaerox Battlemaster

“He’ll fetch you what you need, not what you want.”

Even though the prime mission of the Phaerox order is to soften up enemy forces before the major Drakkorith force attacks, it does not mean that their whole focus is on offence. Sometimes even the ones handling such a daunting task need help. That is why the Phaerox order specifically trained their own Battlemasters, whose job is to deliver the right thing that their fellow soldiers will need. Thanks to their unique training and observational skills, it’s not really rare that the Phaerox Battlemasters know what their front line needs even before they realize it. One more proof of their military organization.