Dear Denizens of Issilith!

Deep within the bowels of a forgotten realm lies the Derelict Cave, once teeming with vibrant life and bustling activity. A relic of a bygone era, this labyrinthine network of caves bears witness to a rich history, if one were to delve beneath the surface. Traces of its former glory can still be discerned amidst the worn-out stones that form an eerie path, guiding visitors through the darkness.

In the days of old, the Derelict Cave served as the heart of the Zyxl’s clandestine operations. Countless Zyxl creatures would scurry along this very path, their nimble steps carrying crates filled with priceless treasures and chests brimming with glimmering gold. It was a smuggling haven, a secret realm of ill-gotten wealth.

However, the vibrant echoes of those bustling footsteps have long since faded. Silence now reigns within the depths of the Derelict Cave, broken only by the haunting symphony of dripping water and the mournful creaking of weathered wood. For reasons unknown, the Zyxl inhabitants vanished, leaving behind an enigmatic emptiness.

Whispers persist, tales of an ancient artifact concealed deep within the grottos of this desolate sanctuary. Many have dared to venture into its depths, driven by greed or curiosity, seeking to unearth the Zyxl’s hidden treasure. But few have returned to share their stories, for the Derelict Cave jealously guards its secrets, and those who dare disturb its slumber face perilous trials and unknown horrors.

Step cautiously into the Derelict Cave, explore its winding paths, and uncover the remnants of a forgotten era. The once-thriving hub of Zyxl activity now stands as a solemn testament to a time long gone, beckoning only the bravest and most intrepid adventurers to unearth the truth that lies within its depths. Will you survive the perils and uncover the legendary artifact that has eluded countless others? The Derelict Cave holds the answers, waiting to be discovered.

Venture forth, embrace the mysteries of the Derelict Cave, and forge your own legend amidst the echoes of a lost era. What kind of battlegrounds would you like to see? Comment below or join our Discord channel (Discord) and share it with us!

Yours truly,


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