Dear Denzines of Issilith,

“I swear, the next one to comment how it seems like a “fun guy” is getting a rock to the face.” – Drakkorith scout

Within the realm of Issilith, the creeping madness spares no victim, not even the powerful Vestige witches or the surrounding flora. Among the nightmarish mutations, the Boltus emerges, once dormant fungi now transformed into a sentient creature that thrives on poison and waste. Growing with insatiable appetites, they serve as expendable soldiers for the Vestige army. The presence of the Infected Boltus is a chilling reminder of what happens to nature as it succumbs to the spreading darkness. Witness their grotesque forms and unsettling aura, bearing testament to the dark forces that grip the realm and haunt the battlegrounds of Issilith.

The Infected Boltus is a nightmarish creature faithfully serving the Vestige witches. With no power to attack with but a formidable health of 5, it appears unremarkable. However, when harmed, it reveals its true terror. Each instance of damage inflicts two searing acid counters on a random nearby enemy unit, corroding their defences and sealing their fate by dissolving their health one point at a time.

May the toxic and formidable might of the Vestige carry you to victory. Share your favourites and if you haven’t already, join our Discord channel and exchange your favourites with other Residents of Issilith!

Yours truly,


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